Regulatory & Compliance's Profile: Testimonials


I want to thank you so much for all the advice and information you have given me over the last two years. Your emails have always verified or supported my earlier response concerning the interpetion of the regulations or compliance issues. I always rely and appreciate the time and input you give me in response to my emails.

-Annette C.


Thank You very much for your guidance. I depend on your comprehensive knowledge for direction frequently.

-Deb L.


You are a great help and a wonderful source of knowledge.

-Kathryn G.


I cannot tell you how reassuring it is to have NHPCO’s expert support as I review and revise policy and procedure. Thank you so very, very much for being here for us!

-Terri L.


Regulatory assistance is a big reason I am an NHPCO member! We get answers.

-Mary H.


It is nice to know that we can always count on you for answers and/or validation.

-Karen B.