My.NHPCO is:

NHPCO’s networking community site designed to empower members with the ability to share information, collaborate and discuss industry topics with hospice and palliative care professionals from across the nation.

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NHPCO’s Solutions Center can help with your account, or 800-646-6460.




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Six easy steps for getting up and running on MyNHPCO

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My.NHPCO Quick Start Guide


Go to: - You can login using your NHPCO login and password.

Once you've logged in, select the little box in the upper right hand corner of the screen to access your profile

We want to get to know you! 

  • Upload a photo
  • Edit/update your contact information if needed
  • Completed additional fields, such as your bio, education
  • You can also import content from your LinkedIn profile

Start by finding My Account in your member profile. From here, you can set up how you want to receive emails from MyNHPCO, how much profile information you want visible to others, the signature area that appears under your discussion posts, and your subscriptions to the various MyNHPCO communities.

PRO TIP: Start out by subscribing to the Daily Digest for each community you belong to - that will send you a single e-mail each day summarizing community activity. If you would prefer, you can get emails in real time, this is perfect for MyNHPCO power users. Note you can select Daily Digest for some communities and Real Time for others.

We have plenty of communities to match your interest.  Each NCHPP Section hosts a community, plus there are issue communities that span professional discipline.

Select the Directory from the top navigation bar.  Then, use the member search to find colleagues on MyNHPCO.

Unsure about who to contact? Dip your toe in the water by sending a contact request to a colleague at your agency.

Ask questions. What do you want to know more about? Have a question about with anything from eligibility to effective team meeetings? There's a community for that!

Share ideas. Is there a hot topic you want to discuss? How about a lesson you've learned that might help your fellow members?

Give feedback. Use your knowledge and experience to answer other members' questions. Just click "Reply to Discussion to the right of any discussion post!

Share your work. Upload best practices, presentations, or sample forms to your community library.

We're so glad to have you on MyNHPCO.