Hospice Action Network

About the Hospice Action Network

The Hospice Action Network is the advocacy arm of NHPCO.

Our mission is to advocate, with one voice, for policies that ensure the best care for patients and families facing the end of life.

We fight to ensure compassionate, high-quality care for all Americans facing a life-limiting illness by:

  • Expanding an ongoing and influential presence on Capitol Hill,

  • Mobilizing a growing network of Hospice Advocates throughout the nation,

  • Empowering, through new and innovative techniques, an interactive community connecting the public with Hospice Advocacy, and

  • Cultivating relationships with the media to highlight issues impacting end-of-life care.

Visit our Legislative Action Center and become a Hospice Advocate today!

Thanks for attending the NHPCO's Virtual Conference! We're glad you could join NHPCO's most recent advancement into the digital age. The Hospice Action Network works with NHPCO members and the larger hospice community to advance and protect access to high-quality end of life care in the United States. We offer educational materials and updates on how best to interact with your Members of Congress, as well as how hospice is affected by the legislative process here in the nation's Capitol.

For more information on who we are and what we do, we suggest you visit our website: www.hospiceactionnetwork.org.

To contact your Members of Congress about hospice issues, and to join our mailing list to receive important updates about hospice issues facing the community, visit HAN's Legislative Action Center.